Our purpose is to elevate the value of kindness at work. Because kindness is an essential strategy for sustainable success in an increasingly uncertain world.

We are on a mission to create as many workplaces as possible where kindness is embedded in the organisation’s culture and operating system. We work with leaders, teams and individuals to unlock the power of kindness at work. We do this through kindness playbooks, unique to the organisation, which guide strategies and actions to elevate kindness across the organisation’s purpose, its people and partner ecosystem, the communities it works in and serves, and its sustainable development strategy. We also deliver workshops, training, talks and webinars which help embed the power of kindness at work.

We have completed the largest and most in-depth meta-analysis of the proven benefits of kindness in business. In addition, we conduct our own ongoing research with business leaders about the power of kindness and its impact on the organisations they work lead.

We know exactly how a culture of kindness has a profound impact on wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion, creativity, innovation, performance, and profits and growth.



Magnus is a kindness expert who works with people to unleash the power of kindness at work.

He says, “I have been on a kindness journey all my working life. In my career in advertising and management consultancy I learned to lead with kindness, to publicly demonstrate the kind behaviour I thought was important and that I wanted to encourage more of at work. I decided it was time to get this thing out there, to share my beliefs about the power of kindness at work in the world. That’s why I started The Kindness Consultancy, to elevate the power of kindness at work.”

He is author of ‘The Kindness Code: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Power of Kindness at Work’, published in January 2021 it has already been described as “the most empowering read on kindness in the workplace you’ll ever encounter”.

Magnus is host and curator of Kindfest2020, a TEDx host, yogi, cook, gin-maker, narrow-boat owner and father of two beautiful daughters. You can find Magnus on Instagram and Twitter @magnuswood


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