We work with forward-thinking individuals who are working with, sharing and leading with kindness. They know that kindness can help make work meaningful. Kindness can help people thrive and do their best-ever work. Kindness can produce remarkable performance and growth.

At all levels of the organisation we encourage everybody to create more kindness because…

We are unique in our ability to deliver practical guidance to create more kindness at work



Kindness makes people happier at work and decreases mental and physical problems


Kindness encourages greater levels of trust and helps people work better together


Kindness increases psychological safety, which encourages experimentation, creativity and innovation


Kindness encourages greater awareness, understanding and positive action


With kindness, people achieve more and get better results


Kindness increases employee engagement and helps attract the best talent


Customers want to do business with kind companies and are loyal to them


Kindness drives sustained improvements in performance, profits and growth

Who we work with

Senior Leadership

Senior leadership work with us to benchmark against peer businesses and best-in-class organisations, to understand how to create cultures of kindness and how they can model kindness to create maximum impact.

Marketing & Communications

We work with Marketing & Communications teams to create more powerful purpose-led communications, to develop brand platforms and campaigns with kindness at their core, and internal communications that celebrate and amplify kindness.

People & HR

We partner with People & HR teams to measure, evaluate, benchmark and take positive actions to encourage more kindness, fix areas where kindness could be working harder, as well amplify existing kindness so that it works harder and spreads further.

CSR & Sustainability

CSR & Sustainability teams collaborate with us to measure, benchmark, improve and enhance their existing activities, as well as create new platforms and programmes which have kindness at their heart.


We create programmes of activity that are unique to you, based on what we know works. Typically we work in three stages:


An in-depth diagnostic and externally benchmarked analysis and recommendation which guides strategies and actions to elevate kindness across:

  • the organisation’s purpose
  • its people and partner ecosystem
  • the communities it works in and serves
  • and its sustainable development strategy



We develop programmes that integrate with existing L&D and wellbeing initiatives, as well as strategic people programmes. Depending on requirements we deliver:

    • coaching
    • workshops
    • training
    • talks and webinars


      We build in accountability, feedback practices and metrics which align with and enhance existing internal measurement practices


      “Magnus’s online webinars have been engaging and enjoyable, helping our members develop tools and skills to manage their careers during times of great uncertainty. Magnus understands the elements that go towards creating positive workplace cultures that generate successful and inspiring places where everyone thrives. We particularly liked the fact that he puts a spotlight on kindness and that was incredibly helpful for everyone at every level.”

      Graham Kemp

      Director, Alliance of Independent Agencies

      “Magnus has hosted our last two 900+ audience sell-out events at The Rose Theatre. He is an engaging host, making speakers feel at ease as well as, on the day, creating a narrative between the speakers’ content and the overall event theme. Magnus will be hosting our 2021 event, which already has a terrific line-up of speakers.”

      Liam Rogers

      Co-Founder, TEDxKingstonUponThames

      “Kindness is such an important yet misunderstood and underestimated action and value. Magnus shared very unique, thought-provoking and actionable insights with our community of men that broke myths and shifted their perspective, allowing them to actually use and unleash the power of kindness in their day-to-day lives.”

      Vaibhav Toshniwal

      Founder, Mantor

      “Magnus is an engaging and thought-provoking presenter, who spoke passionately about the power of kindness, at a time when it has never been so important!”

      Stephanie Barr

      Events Producer, Holyrood


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