The World’s Most Successful Businesses Are Leading With Kindness

Become a Kind Corporation

The Future of Business is Kind

Historically business has not been a place that values kindness at a large scale. The very language of work revolves around ‘toil,’ ‘task’ and ‘hard graft.’ That somehow, we are merely cogs in a bigger wheel in a bigger machine. We are now in a moment in time to move forward and create better together.
Humans have spoken.
A thriving 21st-century company needs a new foundation.
One built on awareness, meaningful human connection, and a shared commitment to kindness. A foundation with higher goals than simply revenue. An organization where kindness is a core competency to improve the quality of work and life for all people.

A more human approach to business – a Kind Corporation.

What is a Kind Corporation?

There is a new breed of companies redefining work. These kick-ass businesses create a kindness movement that is embedded in everything they do.

They are kind to the core. In thought, word, and action.

Their PEOPLE treat each other with kindness. Their PRODUCTS and services are kindly made, with humans connecting to humans to market and sell them.

And through these actions, the PLANET thrives too.

Kind Corporations Succeed Where Others Are Failing

$1 Trillion

The global cost of lost productivity at work resulting from depression and anxiety, according to the WHO

$1 Million

The total cost in lost productivity, onboarding, training and team impact to replace up to 10 employees driven out by just 1 unkind employee.


Of employees do not believe their leadership takes proactive steps to create a kind, healthy workplace culture.

Previously kindness in the workplace would have been dismissed as “hippie,” “soft” or unrelated to revenue, growth and profitability. However, the new generations of Gen Z & Gen Alpha are tuned in to more empathetic views on the world and working practices and are thoughtful in who they choose to work for and, importantly, buy from.

When kindness defines your approach and business strategy, everybody wins. Curious? Check out this study from the US Chamber of Commerce. The data supports one simple and powerful premise: kindness can positively transform business. Kindness fosters trust, bolsters recruitment of talented people, increases employee engagement, collaboration, productivity and innovation to help companies drive good stuff like growth and brand loyalty.

The world’s most successful businesses, by any measure, are kind.

Join them by becoming a Kind Corporation.

And the best way to do that? Join The Kindness Index.

The Kindness Index

The world’s first independent certification of how kind is your business

The Kindness Index is a growing community of businesses who are kind to the core. Their kindness quota is independently certified, published, and benchmarked against best-in-class kind businesses.

Joining The Kindness Index is your commitment to redefining how kind businesses create a positive impact on people and planet. It is your promise that you are a kind place to work; where people thrive, have meaning and joy and create their best-ever work.

Do you believe that kindness is helping create an organization that benefits people, profit, and planet? Then take our assessment to explore how to make your business more impactful, kick-ass and kind.

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