Seven Keys to Unlocking the Power of Kindness at Work

The Kindness Code is a book for professionals who want more kindness at work. No matter where you are on the career ladder, you will find science-based information, insights and practical tips to instantly ignite kindness within your organisation.

If you’re a leader of a global corporation – great! You will learn how cultivating a culture of kindness can have a positive impact on your triple bottom line of people, profits and planet. Employees love working in kind environments. Customers and consumers adore kind companies. The evidence reveals unquestionably that when you invest in kindness as a leader, the rewards come back in spades.

However, the secret superpower of this book lies in the revelation that you don’t have to be the boss to make a difference. Anyone, repeat ANYONE can start a kindness revolution at work. The Kindness Code takes you by the hand and walks you through seven highly practical ways that you can start practicing kindness immediately and influence the environment around you.

Packed full of recent research, this book proves that kindness is the future for successful, sustainable organisations. If you manage a small team and want performance improvements without the whip-cracking – this book shows you how to achieve it. If you run a huge multi-national and want to infuse the entire organisation with kindness – you’ll learn it in the book.

Perhaps most importantly of all, if you’re a small voice within a noisy and sometimes unkind organisation, and you wonder how on earth you can create impact – BUY THIS BOOK! It has already been described as “the most empowering read on kindness in the workplace you’ll ever encounter.”



The Kindness Code is published as an ebook on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and other quality bookstores. A printed version will be released around Easter.